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Mazafruit is one of the biggest producers of apples in Polish. We’ve been active on the market for many years, and our apples, s reach not only the European (i.e. Great Britain, Germany), but also African (i.e. Egypt, Libya, Dubai, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia) and Asian markets (i.e. India, China) and many more. We’ve been cooperating on fruits and vegetables with leading companies in all of these countries, including store chains and other big wholesalers.

Owing to long-term cooperation with our contracted farmers on ca. 2000 ha of orchards, we produce fruits using the most modern technologies. We using best standards: HACCP, Global Gap and ISO 2001: 9000..



In 2016 we established our branch in Bronisze, one of the biggest European wholesale markets for fruits and vegetables. Thanks to close and strong cooperation with our Spanish, Greek, Italian and Egyptian partners, we've been involved in selling and distributing of citrus there. We’re the biggest distributor of juice oranges in our area. Our customers include pressed-juice industries, big exporting companies, as well as vending machines’ operators.

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Horeca is our newest, and fastest developing project. Owing to our always-competitive offer for citrus, we are already supplying almost all juice-bars in our area.
Our clients include not only big restaurants, hotels and catering companies, but also those which has just started their business. Our regular customers are happy with frequent promotions, highest-quality products and always-on-time delivery.
We invite you for cooperation!

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Why choose our products?

  • Our priority is the quality
  • We have many years of experience in the production of orchard
  • We are open to new solutions
  • Thoroughly we investigate our fruit
  • We know the expectations of consumers and strive to meet them
  • we allow only proven high quality fruits
  • Constantly we change and adapt to your needs